Things have been busy at aXpire in the past few weeks, highlighted by the addition of 8 new members to the team in our United Kingdom and India offices. These additions span areas including development, support, design and marketing — and we’re even hiring 10 more folks to join the team over the next month or two, with the expectation that we’ll need to scale hiring even further if we close the deal with some of the active leads we’re working on. Several of these hires are full-time dedicated to the PayBX team, including a new mobile developer, a blockchain…

A guide to the AXPR staking pool, powered by Ferrum Network

We’ve now launched our staking program for AXPR, with interest paid out to HODLers deciding to lock in their AXPR into a secure smart contract for 120 days until full maturity at 40% APY. For those wishing to read the smart contract code, that can be accessed by clicking here.

Without further ado, let’s jump into how you can get started staking AXPR!

Requirements to stake

In order to stake your AXPR, you need to have a MetaMask account set up with enough Ethereum to cover gas fees, as well as your AXPR tokens already in the address you wish to stake with.

aXpire is Partnering with Ferrum Network to Provide Staking for AXPR

We’re delighted to announce that we’re partnering with Ferrum Network to create DeFi staking pools for the AXPR token. This partnership will initially consist of setting up two staking pools, one for liquidity staking, and one for traditional staking, each with high APY and in total locking up approximately ~25% of all circulating supply of AXPR.

These pools will be accessible and beneficial for members of the community locking in their AXPR tokens for 120 days, with early withdrawal possible after 60 days at a lower APY. …

The burn will take place on April 30 2021 at 8 PM CET

Today at 8 PM CET, we’re burning 2 million AXPR tokens to catch us up on all pending burns to date. This consists of 240,000 AXPR tokens burned per month for all missed months to date, rounded up to 2 million. The tokens being burned are worth over $85,000 USD at the time of writing this article.

These tokens have been purchased from the open market through KuCoin over the last couple of months. For future burns each month moving forward, we will provide information about the average price per token purchased back from the market, and the time horizon…

AXPR will be listing on Uniswap with $200K in liquidity!

We’re pleased to announce that the AXPR token will be listed on one of the most popular Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges, Uniswap, by the end of April 2021. To celebrate and support this new listing, aXpire will provide $200K in assets as liquidity for the AXPR/ETH pairing on the DEX, ensuring a healthy and liquid market for the token.

The listing on Uniswap represents an important step towards aligning AXPR with the DeFi space, leading up to the launch of the cryptocurrency payments app in Q3 of 2021.

Alongside this listing, aXpire will concurrently launch a number of staking programs…

The community at large had plenty of questions for the aXpire team in their recent Ask Me Anything (AMA). Here are some of the key points of discussion around from the event:

When will PayBX launch?

Joakim: We’re now hiring three roles, dedicated to PayBX: a UI/UX designer, blockchain developer, and a mobile developer. These roles should be filled within the next month or so, at which point we’ll have a firm date around the launch.

We’ve scoped out the technical requirements fully and development will ramp up quickly. We’re aiming for a relatively fast launch this year, this summer (in Q3).

Gary: We’ve…

Bilr is legal billing software that enables law firms and solo attorneys to easily record billable and non-billable hours, as well as to capture expenses or disbursements.

The newly-launched Bilr software is a fully SaaS and subscription-based model, with simple onboarding and tutorials. Most of the UI/UX features are refreshed without impacting the underlying structure or functionality of the interface.

We understand the importance of having the chance to initially try Bilr without any charge- to test and see the benefits of having software for all your legal billing requirements. …

We are happy to announce aXpire’s partnership with a market maker, initially on KuCoin exchange, to provide liquidity to the AXPR trading pairs. The market maker will add depth to order books, tighten trading spreads, and protect AXPR from market manipulation.

Liquidity is crucial for a healthy market. Without an order book with depth and tight spreads, the trading experience for purchasers is far from ideal. To address this challenge, aXpire is to unlock 35,000,000 AXPR tokens from company supply this week to ensure sufficient liquidity across the KuCoin exchange, and later to provide liquidity for the AXPR token’s listing…

A guide on how to find your new AXPR tokens

The token swap has completed successfully, with all token holders receiving the exact same amount of AXPR as they held prior to the swap. No additional changes happened to the token, and its metrics, e.g. supply, are the same.

All holders in KuCoin do not need to take any action. We’re cooperating with KuCoin and deposits/withdrawals will soon open back up with the new token. Those that held AXPR in the exchange will have automatically gotten the new token and can proceed trading, depositing and withdrawing.

We’re also communicating with HitBTC to do the same for holders there.

For those…

An overview and explanation of the what, why and how

On Saturday 26th of September, KuCoin was hacked, resulting in the loss of ~65M AXPR tokens. Shortly after, we started cooperating with KuCoin about how to mitigate the effects of this hack on our community.

The result of these discussions is a token swap, changing out the AXPR token for… drum roll… a new AXPR token!

We’ve decided to retain the name of the token. Nothing will change except for updating the contract code to newer, cleaner code as well as changing out the token contract address. The token metrics remain unchanged.

All current holders of AXPR will receive the…


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