PayBX aims to take a different approach to mainstream crypto payments, avoiding the need for another card in a user’s wallet. There’s no PayBX debit card. Instead, users can connect their existing bank-issued cards, both debit, and credit, into the application. …

After the initial release of PayBX, we are planning to improve on the features offered within the app. We have a load of future planned upgrades to make:

DeFi-as-a-Service — The plan is to eventually offer PayBX users the ability to leverage leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to earn interest… will enable its users to make their crypto function as currency, usable in day-to-day transactions. With PayBX, users can:

• Store their crypto and earn interest on selected assets, including BTC, ETH and a wide range of stablecoins supported by the app.
• Buy crypto using FIAT via Apple Pay, debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and more.
• Swap between supported crypto assets or sell them for FIAT without ever leaving the PayBX app.
• Connect their bank to PayBX via API, then spend crypto with existing bank-issued debit and credit cards for everyday purchases.

1. Spend cryptocurrencies anywhere — PayBX users can spend their crypto anywhere, both online and in-person, using regular bank-issued debit and credit cards. Merchants don’t need to be onboarded into PayBX or other crypto merchant infrastructure to accept the payment, nor do they even need to know about crypto at…

To get to know aXpire a bit better, let’s get acquainted with its founder and CEO, Gary R. Markham. We asked Gary several questions about the project and its goals, and here’s what we got.

Q: What motivated you to start your company?

A: aXpire was founded based on a…

Choosing between a custodial and non-custodial wallet is a key decision when it comes to securing your cryptocurrency holdings.

What is a custodial wallet?

A custodial wallet is defined as a wallet in which the private keys are held by a third party. Meaning, the third party has control over…

Since the industrial revolution, the traditional finance industry (TradFi) has remained the same, with trust being placed on intermediaries such as brokers and custodians that handle everything related to managing money.

While financial technology (FinTech) startups have sprung to solve some of the inefficiencies of the industry, fundamental hurdles caused…

Our plans and next steps for PayBX and the AXPR token

In this article we’re going to provide some good news, and some less good news, but with a clear plan and next steps ahead for PayBX and the AXPR project and token.

Building a dedicated AXPR team

We recognize that the cryptocurrency and B2C side of aXpire has not received as many resources as it’s…


Cutting edge FinTech, trusted by enterprises. Powered by the AXPR token.

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