aXpire Answers Questions From the Community (AMA)

The community at large had plenty of questions for the aXpire team in their recent Ask Me Anything (AMA). Here are some of the key points of discussion around from the event:

When will PayBX launch?

We’ve scoped out the technical requirements fully and development will ramp up quickly. We’re aiming for a relatively fast launch this year, this summer (in Q3).

Gary: We’ve never stopped thinking about the community, but the truth is that the only way we can get to a point of sustainable growth has been by building. We’ve been building for 3 years now, and as you can see, we’re releasing products. Bilr, ExpenseCore, and soon PayBX — which will all be followed by their own marketing push. Market makers and marketers are also scaling their involvement with the project and pushing out good news.

We’re not about doing things half-way, but about doing it correctly. We’re committing to PayBX, and we’re committing to the launch and scale of our B2B products.

How can we expect transparency in burns since the revenues are not public? When would the burns be resumed again?

We’re figuring out how to improve transparency here. This might involve a trusted third-party such as an accountant.

Will PayBX definitely launch in Europe?

Will MatchBX be coming back?

When will the latest roadmap be ready?

When will the latest websites be launched?

What features will PayBX have when it’s released?

  • Spend crypto with your debit card
  • Buy/sell crypto into FIAT
  • Swap crypto-to-crypto
  • Earn APY on BTC, ETH, and stable coins
  • Send crypto to friends without fees
  • Merchant acceptance (with conversion to USD if desired)

What conferences, meetings, and connections has aXpire been building upon? Are there any possibilities of partnerships?

In terms of events — these have been scarce in COVID times. However, we attended a socially distanced meeting with the Miami Downtown Development Authority specifically around digital assets, and we’re having more and more conversations around this with investors and funds due to the NFT craze.

In terms of virtual events, we’re going to be looking at a few industry organizations to see if there’s value to them. After COVID, we’ll look at trade shows again.

Are there any updates about your Digital Shares product?

What other products do you plan on launching in the future, besides Digital Shares and PayBX?

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