aXpire Newsletter (October 2018)

Welcome to the second issue of aXpire’s monthly newsletter!

Another great month in the aXpire community with several updates to share. First and foremost, we are proud to have launched the Beta for the end of Q3 2018. This is a beta version of the product and we are excited to hear feedback from our community about this product. We would love your feedback through our quiz,, and our official telegram channel,

Let’s get right to the recent developments…

aXpire recently launched the beta version of The freelancing site is meant to encourage the interaction of our global community and to help businesses interact with cryptocurrency for services procurement. We will actively encourage our new and existing clients to use the site, and we encourage you to as well.

Thanks to our community vote, we decided on a 3% burn for both the job poster and freelancer or business that takes the job. That means 6% of every job will be burned, encouraging earlier adopters and those holding AXPR to continue helping!

To celebrate the September 30th 2018 release of the MatchBX beta version, we’ve decided to host a quiz about aXpire, the AXPR token and the blockchain space in general. There are $10,000 USD in AXPR worth of prizes, with the 10 best quiz participants getting $1,000 USD in AXPR and an aXpire t-shirt each!

Share the quiz with your friends and acquaintances, and see who does better!

Click the button above to take the quiz!

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aXpire CEO Gary Markham was anointed chairman of the Cayman Islands Blockchain Foundation, which gives the company regulatory influence on an island that works closely with the United States, which the latter figures out its regulatory framework.

The aXpire team has met with the Cayman Islands’ government to ensure blockchain entrepreneurs form the right environment for innovation. We have been granted a blockchain subcommittee that has a direct voice with the government.

aXpire has had its new token, AXPR, re-listed on HitBTC with an 80% reduced withdrawal fee. There will be more news to come on our partnership with HitBTC and we hope our community enjoys the increased liquidity this partnership brings.

Resolvr 2.0 has been shifted into Q4. The Resolvr license fee will be the sole, but significant, AXPR usage for Resolvr 2.0, but we aim to build that out further as we get better access to solutions which would make it feasible for new clients — with limited blockchain knowledge — to use AXPR per function on a transactional basis. The license fee is not insignificant, and scales from being a fixed fee to being %’s of a client’s assets under management (current client has $24bn AUM, for example), and was originally planned to be pocketed by aXpire, with function fees on-platform being in AXPR and burnt.

Resolvr’s burn function is ingrained with its license fee, instead of function fees on a transactional basis — at least for starters, with potential for change as we, and the wider space and its solutions, grow.

We have had several successful meetings with funds and fund providers, who we plan to close as customers of aXpire in the coming months. As with any institutional customer, the sales process is long, but the deals are large, and we are well on our way.

Stay tuned in October for our next monthly newsletter!

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