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As we relaunch our website and have recently been admitted into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), we think now is an opportune time to share a bit about the future of aXpire.

For context, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts. aXpire is proud to be positioned next to industry moguls, such as Accenture, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Intel, J.P. Morgan and many others.

To give a high-level overview, we tend to think of our company as being comprised of four quadrants, making up a greater whole. We focus our efforts between P2P vs. B2B and front-end vs. back-end.

Right now, we have only one quadrant of the company entirely built out and in use: Resolvr. This application represents our B2B back-end product, responsible for spend management. We are building out a front-end add-on, to handle RFPs, also under the Resolvr name. Businesses will be able to put out RFPs in a standardized front end, with metric-driven filtering, and full back-end spend management support. Our P2P products are built around the concept of a consumer version of our B2B software, a platform for exchange of services and a back-end of spend analysis.

What follows is an overview of these products and an overview of recent announcements, with a final look at what the future holds for aXpire.

P2P Product: MatchBX

Our P2P marketplace, Matchbox Blockchain Exchange, MatchBX (pronounced “Matchbox”), is a relatively new concept in the life cycle of aXpire, incorporated in light of the strong demand for crypto-based services in the market. We saw a demand for handling RFPs in the B2B context, and have translated that into a higher volume consumer environment.

In other words, we are expanding our reach to be a job marketplace and business spend management system based on the blockchain.

We are allowing individuals to participate in the platform as part of the new economy, either as a freelancer or as a task creator. We will power this product, as with all of our products, with AXP — driving token value in (yet another) use case.

We will work to expand our Preferred Provider Network, right now featuring Devery among others, to offer customers access to trusted and preferred sources of high-value services. This network will provide users access to a trusted product; sometimes at bonus or discount prices, through partnerships, these companies have with aXpire.

In the background of this product, we will run a different kind of spend analysis, demand prediction, which will drive additional preferred partners to our site. Think of it like surge demand on Uber, except without the associated price increases — we point partners towards early indicators of demand and the need for supply to fill any gaps.

We will implement a small fee on all transactions via an AXP burn.

B2B Product: Resolvr

With Resolvr, users can view, in real time, spend data across their company, providing live data for intelligence profit maximization. The AXP token serves to reduce the incentive for cybersecurity threats by securely decentralizing the distribution of our software. As a founding member of the International RegTech Association, aXpire’s blockchain technology leaves an immutable trail of transactions, providing value throughout the auditing, compliance and reporting process.

The methods in use at current businesses are demonstrably inefficient. Our software resolves inefficiencies by connecting fringe tasks and central tasks in one place, effectively cutting costs by considerable amounts.

Businesses looking to utilize all Resolvr processes will need to use our native token, AXP, on a function by function basis, or in advance. Resolvr’s blockchain enhanced version will be as user friendly as possible; the AXP token will not need to be shown on our front end, but will still serve as the underlying utility token that drives transactions and functions.

Recent Announcements

We continue to make exciting talent acquisitions, including Dom Wolf, as Product Lead. Dom is a Group Product Director at Virgin Mobile, a company associated with sleek design and user-friendly products. He is experienced in the fintech sector and has built his own successful startups, as well as mentored many others. Dom will be the Product Lead on our P2P marketplace, MatchBX, and will act as an active intermediary between management and the UI/UX team. We’ve also onboarded Gina Papush, as Data Analytics Advisor. Gina is the Global Chief Analytics & Data Officer for QBE and is recognized for proven leadership and expertise in analytic innovation and data-driven strategies. During her 20-year career, she has successfully built leading decision analytic and information management capabilities across diverse industries and business models, delivering significant business results. Finally, on the non-development side, we are excited to welcome Trystan Aherne as Project Communications Lead; prior experience includes a number of years at Deluxe and Disney.

We are also excited to announce an entirely in-house development team on a go forward basis. Namely, we are proud to announce a new UI/UX acquisition, Henry Doe, who is an award-winning London designer. Henry’s blockchain experience includes a role as UX Lead at Lloyd’s of London. Additional members of this development team include Sojan P S, Blockchain Lead, and Sankar Das G, Product Development Lead. Our other new acquisitions to the in-house blockchain development team will also be announced soon.

In regards to partnerships, aXpire is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Devery, a blockchain powered, open-source, product verification protocol. This strategic partnership signals the start of our Preferred Provider Network, in which many businesses and projects solving or servicing real pain centers will participate with time. The Preferred Provider Network consists of verified suppliers of protocols, services, products and other applicable potential RFP/P2P task solutions.

As two companies growing within the B2B and P2P blockchain fields, aXpire and Devery will work together to facilitate mutual growth across a number of areas; including development, design, sales and overall business strategy. In the longer term, Devery will serve as one of our first Preferred Providers on aXpire’s P2P marketplace and B2B RFP portal to service clients looking to ensure they are receiving verified and trusted goods, and/or businesses looking to provide such verification for their own products/goods.

Our Future

Expect more updates as our network keeps growing, while we move forward with our roadmap. We look forward to announcing a partnership with a number of significant players in the crypto space and continuing to add to our team. We will aim to share weekly/bi-weekly updates with the community going forward to keep those committed to our project as in the loop as we can while allowing for time to work on the project. Expect product updates as well, with the potential for early feedback and MVP testing.

Moreover, we remain busy with product development and will look to sharing our progress with the community as we go.

tl:dr — aXpire is a job marketplace and business spend management system based on the blockchain



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