The AXPR Token is Coming to Uniswap

AXPR will be listing on Uniswap with $200K in liquidity!

We’re pleased to announce that the AXPR token will be listed on one of the most popular Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges, Uniswap, by the end of April 2021. To celebrate and support this new listing, aXpire will provide $200K in assets as liquidity for the AXPR/ETH pairing on the DEX, ensuring a healthy and liquid market for the token.

The listing on Uniswap represents an important step towards aligning AXPR with the DeFi space, leading up to the launch of the cryptocurrency payments app in Q3 of 2021.

Alongside this listing, aXpire will concurrently launch a number of staking programs (including a liquidity staking program for Uniswap) to boost the utility of the AXPR token while providing token purchasers the ability to earn APY on their holdings.

More information about these staking programs will be released in the coming days alongside other news and updates from the project team.

About Uniswap

Uniswap is a leading decentralized exchange and automated market-maker based on the Ethereum blockchain. As a non-custodial exchange, Uniswap provides traders with the ability to swap between cryptos without the involvement of a custodian or a centralized order book. Trades on Uniswap are powered by smart contracts, allowing ERC20 tokens listed on the exchange to be swapped quickly and anonymously.

About AXPR

The AXPR token is the lifeblood of aXpire’s ecosystem of B2B and B2C products and applications. Integrated into all aXpire products through the burn model, the AXPR token’s supply is deflationary, and token holders can enjoy in-app benefits through products such as PayBX where HODLing AXPR provides benefits such as unlocking higher APY and lower fees.




Cutting edge FinTech, trusted by enterprises. Powered by the AXPR token.

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Cutting edge FinTech, trusted by enterprises. Powered by the AXPR token.

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