The AXPR Token Swap (2020)

An overview and explanation of the what, why and how

On Saturday 26th of September, KuCoin was hacked, resulting in the loss of ~65M AXPR tokens. Shortly after, we started cooperating with KuCoin about how to mitigate the effects of this hack on our community.

The result of these discussions is a token swap, changing out the AXPR token for… drum roll… a new AXPR token!

We’ve decided to retain the name of the token. Nothing will change except for updating the contract code to newer, cleaner code as well as changing out the token contract address. The token metrics remain unchanged.

All current holders of AXPR will receive the exact same amount of this swapped token. There is nothing token holders need to do in order to receive the new AXPR token. Same goes for BEP2 AXPR.B holders — we’re only swapping the Ethereum version and swaps between BEP2 and ERC20 will take place using the new ERC20 token moving forward.

Whether you hold on an exchange, hardware wallet, MetaMask, mobile app or beyond, you will receive an equal amount of new AXPR tokens to what you already hold. The only thing you need to do is add a “custom token” within your wallet of choice, listing out the new token contract address. We will provide a tutorial on how to do this once the swap is complete.

As a result of this swap, we have paused the current AXPR token contract along with the hacker’s tokens, pending its replacement by the new token’s contract. The swap will reroute the hacker’s tokens back to KuCoin so that they may be reallocated to their rightful owners.

We have also excluded IDEX, EtherDelta and ForkDelta smart contracts from receiving the swapped token (amounting to ~600K AXPR) as they would then have been lost. The AXPR Prime HODL contract is also excluded, but we will manually send locked tokens back to all members of the Prime group.

Token holders who had AXPR tokens in active orders or stored on a DEX, please reach out to us in the aXpire Telegram.

More information — specifically details about the new token contract — will come soon. Our ETA is a deployment by the end of this week.

We appreciate your patience!

The aXpire Team



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