The AXPR Transparency Initiative

We’ve been working on our products for quite some time now, and we’ve come a long way. Our product suite is now nearly at a stage where we can market them widely with confidence that they’re as good as can be. With this marketing and improved sales process, we hope to increase our client base. And, as you know, more clients mean more burn.

This brings us to burn transparency. We want to be more transparent moving forward about buying and burning AXPR. To achieve this, we’re committing to providing TXs of exchange purchases and burns of all AXPR from additional clients moving forward.

This means that any new clients, not including current ones for Resolvr (200,000 AXPR burn per month), will have token purchases for burns transparent and shared with the community.

We hope this will help alleviate any concerns about the token and our focus.

Project updates

In terms of updates, we’re working hard, and our products have been much improved. There have not been any additional clients yet as we’ve been focusing on building, but we hope this will change in the near future.

Testimonials that have been utilized for the Bilr product are not reflective of new clients. Rather, these are testimonials from usage of the old, initial version of the product which was essentially just a data entry tool into our sister company LSG’s enterprise applications.

As the new Bilr product is an enhancement and upgrade of the initial version of the product, the testimonials and feedback is still relevant and is something we’re using for marketing to increase sales and as a consequence increase burn of the AXPR token.

We didn’t expect this to cause any confusion or issues, and we apologize for not being clear. The brass tacks, however, are that we need to use any marketing leverage we have to increase our profile with new products entering competitive B2B markets, which again, ultimately has the benefit of helping increase sales and therefore the burn.

Bilr is semi-launched. It’s available for purchases, but we’re not marketing it fully until we finish another round of feature additions that enable onboarding for users without needing to get in touch with us. This will happen soon.

For PayBX, we’ll provide a launch date as soon as we’re able to. We’re not particularly afraid of competitors launching as the product is fundamentally different from theirs. The website is a little outdated now — and we have a new version coming soon — but the product works in quite a simple way.

Connect your debit and credit cards to the PayBX app. Then, fill your wallet with crypto. If activated, whenever you spend with your connected cards, the PayBX app will sell an equivalent amount in crypto and deposits the funds into your bank account.

The approach has changed since the website was created. Instead of requiring an exchange partner to launch, we now have a native wallet for PayBX where users can store, buy and sell select cryptocurrencies securely.

Why use it? Well, it’s a simple way to use your cryptocurrencies without worrying about merchant acceptance. The app also doesn’t require you to get a new, different card which is likely not used too much. Instead, just toggle “on” within the app if you want to spend crypto with the pre-existing cards in your wallet.

As an additional point, we’re also changing the name on CoinMarketCap back to “AXPR (AXPR)”.

What to expect

In addition to increasing our burn transparency and publishing details of our purchase and burn of AXPR tokens, we will also be better at providing project updates, whether in text or video format.

Expect more transparency, updates and communication, but understand that our primary focus is to build, sell and deliver high-quality products so that we may all benefit.

Thank you,

The aXpire Team



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