The PayBX upgrades

After the initial release of PayBX, we are planning to improve on the features offered within the app. We have a load of future planned upgrades to make:

DeFi-as-a-Service — The plan is to eventually offer PayBX users the ability to leverage leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to earn interest on their holdings. This will be offered in a “managed services” way, wherein users don’t need to deal with the complexity of DeFi and can instead let PayBX deposit the assets on their behalf for as high as 15–18% interest rates on USD-pegged stablecoins. Users will be able to put their assets to work in DeFi through a few taps within the app, with zero gas fees due if locking in the assets for set periods of time.

Merchant infrastructure — Merchants will later be able to leverage PayBX as their crypto payments acceptance infrastructure, easily accepting online and point of sale payments in cryptocurrencies that are either a) kept in crypto, or b) converted into FIAT and deposited into the merchants’ bank accounts.

Web application — PayBX will eventually also be available through a web application, accessible on any computer while using mainstream browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Safari, Edge, Opera, and more built-in similar frameworks.

OTC interface — As a company, aXpire interacts with major financial institutions and HNWIs. Following the release of web app functionality, the plan is to build out an OTC gateway and interface. This will permit institutions, corporations, and HNWIs to purchase crypto and earn interest on their holdings with competitive fees and minimum slippage relative to value transacted, offered through OTC partners.


Cutting edge FinTech, trusted by enterprises. Powered by the AXPR token.

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Cutting edge FinTech, trusted by enterprises. Powered by the AXPR token.